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Victony Buys Food Items, Wheelchairs, For Less Privileged And Disabled People



Nigerian singer, Anthony Ebuka Victor, better known as Victony, has spread happiness among many less-privileged and disabled individuals in Lagos.

In a video posted on social media, Victony can be seen distributing crutches and replacing old, worn-out ones for random people on the streets.

The singer, who once relied on crutches to move around after his accident three years ago, collaborated with content creator Asherkine, known for assisting those in need with food and financial support.

Victony and Asherkine procured new wheelchairs, crutches, and food items from local vendors and supermarkets.

The heartwarming footage captured the two men aiding people in using their new mobility equipment, and the recipients expressed joy, danced, and proudly showcased their improved means of movement.

Sharing the video on his Instagram page, Asherkine quoted a lyric from Victony’s new song, stating, “If life jaga jaga right now, e go still dope no worry.”

Watch the video below:

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