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Let Me Calm Down Lyrics by Nicki Minaj Ft. J. Cole



nicki minaj let me calm down lyrics

Nicki Minaj Let Me Calm Down Lyrics – Music has the power to transport us to different emotional realms, and “Let Me Calm Down” by Nicki Minaj featuring J. Cole is a prime example. In this blog post, we’ll dissect the lyrics, delve into the artists’ collaboration, and appreciate the artistic nuances that make this track a standout in the music industry.

The song kicks off with a powerful introduction, setting the tone for what’s to come. Nicki Minaj’s distinctive style and J. Cole’s smooth flow blend seamlessly, creating a musical tapestry that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

Nicki Minaj Let Me Calm Down Lyrics

Hold, hold you

Let me hold you

Wanna hold, hold you

Let me hold you

Hold, hold you (let me, let me, let me)

Pull off and I almost hit him

He actin’ like I ain’t always with him

My heart sayin’ I love him while I’m screamin’ that I hate him

And ain’t no more debatin’, this time, it’s a ultimatum

I never forgot where I was at the first day I met him

Yeah, it was love at first sight, but I ain’t never sweat him

I knew if it was meant to be that one day I would let him

20 years later, them decisions, I don’t regret them

Just wish you would give me space when I really need it

To be alone in my zone when I’m really heated

Just ’cause I am quiet, don’t mean you’re defeated

Wish you ain’t need me to feel like you’re completed

Don’t wanna say somethin’ mean when I don’t mean it

Million missed calls, I don’t wanna talk

Just did a detox, now I wanna spar

I wrote a line for you and it was beautiful

I made a sign for you to say you’re beautiful

You’re so, so irresistible

Take me to somewhere mystical

You’re so-

Do you know?

For you, I promise I’ll try

For you, I promise I’ll try

For you, I promise I’ll try

Uh, havin’ her ain’t for the faint of heart

She bad as f- but hard to deal with, and it ain’t her fault

She got ambition like the n-, and the vision for herself

So she can’t rest until she feel like she done made her mark

So if you love her, then you gotta learn to play your part

Sometimes you gotta play the back

But when you do, make sure you play it smart

All these n- want her, so they hatin’ hard

They talkin’ slick and make you wanna pull a rated-R

You like her, love her like a brother, like her manager, an A&R

Plus a therapist when it start rainin’ hard

Her life was trauma filled, it left her with a tainted heart

Yet you the n- that she wanna tat her name across

But you need patience and a lot of extra faith from God

To keep the family together at a time when it’s so regular to break apart

So God forbid, y’all got a kid, therefore, I hate the thought

It’s you and her against the world until there ain’t no more breath in your lungs

I’m just a messenger, but God is who this message is from

I wanna send you my respect because I rep for the ones

That hold they wifey down despite all of the extras that come

Word to Willy Smith, these silly n- heckle and shun

As if they life is somehow perfect and they never been plunged

Into a dark place, so I can’t respect when it’s done

It’s family first through the worst, comin’ second to none, for real

I wrote a line for you and it was beautiful

I made a sign for you to say you’re beautiful

You’re so, so irresistible

Take me to somewhere mystical

You’re so-

For you, know

For you, I promise I’ll try


Q1: When was “Let Me Calm Down” released?

A1: “Let Me Calm Down” was released on 26 Feb 2024.

Q2: Are there any other collaborations between Nicki Minaj and J. Cole?

A2: Currently, “Let Me Calm Down” is their notable collaboration.


In conclusion, “Let Me Calm Down” transcends the boundaries of a typical collaboration. Nicki Minaj and J. Cole’s synergy and poignant lyrics result in a musical masterpiece that resonates with fans worldwide. Whether you’re a hip-hop enthusiast or a casual listener, this track is a testament to the enduring power of meaningful music.

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