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NaijaSureGuys, the abbreviation is NSG, this is a platform supporting, promoting, and helping talents. Talents, whereas, singing, dancing, comedy, writing, and many more.

Naijasureguys is also home for Entertainment, Education, Lyrics, Music, Videos, Article writing, and News update of 24/7 posting.

Naijasureguys was formerly known as “Loadedcrews” from the year 2013 – 2014, a teammate comes in, his name Chris Silver resided in Nasarawa and suggested another name to the platform, which brought up Naijasureguys till now.

NaijaSureGuys started operating and building the platform fully, in the year 2016. The platform focused more on promoting the brand and building the audience.

To God, the platform is recognized by some personnel in; Entertainment, Media, Universities/Schools, Radio OAPs, Comedians, Musicians, and many more.

We aren’t stopping, we look forward working and promoting the brand at home and abroad.

You can follow us on our social media pages below;

Facebook: Naijasureguys

Twitter: @naijasureguys

Instagram: Naijasureguys

TikTok: Naija_sureguys


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