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Bella Shmurda Talks About The Role Olamide And Poco Lee Played In His Breakthrough Story



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 @ on Twitter: "Bella Shmurda talks about his 2019 breakthrough and the role Olamide and Poco Lee played." / X

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Nigerian music industry, the stories of artists’ rise to fame often involve the support and guidance of mentors and collaborators.

Bella Shmurda, a rising star in the industry, has recently opened up about the instrumental roles played by Olamide and Poco Lee in his journey to stardom.

Olamide, a seasoned artist and music entrepreneur, has a track record of nurturing and elevating emerging talents. Bella Shmurda acknowledges Olamide’s pivotal role in recognizing his potential and providing him with a platform to showcase his unique sound.

Through mentorship and collaboration, Olamide has contributed to shaping Bella Shmurda‘s career trajectory, allowing him to navigate the competitive music industry with guidance from an experienced hand.

Bella Shmurda, Poco Lee, Olamide

Poco Lee, a renowned dancer, and influencer, is another key figure in Bella Shmurda’s story. Dance and music are closely intertwined, and Poco Lee’s support has added a dynamic visual element to Bella Shmurda’s music.

Poco Lee’s influence has not only enhanced Bella Shmurda’s stage performances but has also contributed to his brand’s overall appeal.

Bella Shmurda‘s journey serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and mutual support within the music industry. The combined efforts of artists like Olamide and influencers like Poco Lee have played a significant role in propelling Bella Shmurda’s career to new heights.

As Bella Shmurda continues to rise as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, his acknowledgment of the contributions made by Olamide and Poco Lee sheds light on the collaborative nature of the industry and the positive impact that experienced individuals can have on shaping the paths of emerging talents.

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