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Why Leadimpact University Is The Best Christian University



Leadimpact is a private Christian university located in Denvar, Colorado USA.

LIU offers a wide variety of degrees including a Bachelor’s degree (BSC), and Master’s degrees (MSC), Ph.D., and Certificate.

As a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or a worker in the church, obtaining a degree from LIU is imperative as it will boost your knowledge in the word of God and you will be able to see church and Ministry from a wider perspective.

LIU offers a wide variety of Christian course and degrees in various fields which includes youth ministry, worship ministry, theology, Christian entrepreneur, and more.

Studying has been made easy from the comfort of your home and from any part of the world, you don’t also need to be present at a physical campus, how cool is that!!!

The University knows the value of education therefore, made it affordable for the low, middle, and high-class people, the payment plan is flexible and their tuition fees are the cheapest you will ever come across.

Your course materials will be made available to you, classes, tests, and exams are all taken online, you also get to interact with your lecturers via an online portal that will be created for you, and in cases where you need further assistance, they are just a call away.

They have well-trained personnel who are always on standby in case you have any trouble or questions to ask.

Leadimpact University was founded by Dr. Cletus Bassey the presiding Archbishop of all Destiny International Missions Worldwide.

Currently, admission is ongoing for her Spring Classes. Click HERE to enroll or find them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at Leadimpact (for more information or call +1 (443) 253-2530 +1 720-598-9177).

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