There is a super hero in every one of us – Meet dynamic ish the uk based Nigerian kick boxer

A super hero embodies the essential belief that we can find the truth in our own human nature. We all have the ability to rise above the dilemmas and problems that life throws our way and resonate with the power this knowledge creates in us – we can all aspire to be the best that we can be and more. This is my mantra.

Ish was born and raised in the Delta State of Nigeria. As a young boy he was fascinated by the films of Bruce Lee and found inspiration and comfort in the knowledge that you could push your body to the achievement of super human ability with determination and hard work. As a young kid, he excelled at cricket but was mesmerised by martial arts.

This fascination with Bruce Lee and the intricacies of martial arts led him to build his own punch bags in his father’s garage. Rice sacks filled with saw dust. Here he found a place he could practice what he had learnt from the films of Jean Claude Van Damme and Bruce lee. It was his own private boxing ring. In his late teens he trained in kung fu and karate.

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His passion for the “Superhuman element” led him to the UK and upon arriving in the United Kingdom in his twenties, Ish continued to train in various forms of martial arts until he was scouted by an Egyptian, Dr Boulous Wassef who saw him hitting a bag in a gym. Dr Boulous, a specialist in Sports Medicine saw his talent and reached out to Ish. He taught Ish the art of jeet kun do.

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When Dr. B Wassef saw that he had given Ish all he could, he advised Ish to seek greener pastures. The search ended with Mr Colin Payne of TKO Elite Kickboxing. This partnership led him to achieve 2 English and 2 British Championship titles in Kick Boxing.

Looking back on his sporting achievements, Ish has learnt that there is only one conquest, the conquest of self. He believes everyone has the capacity to improve as he did, physically and mentally. Put your demons to bed. Be happy. Improve yourself. Let your pride grow humbly. Change your life. Your transformation is within your reach. Do it now.

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