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Singer Simi Mum Remarried After Divorcing Her Husband 20 Years Ago



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It was reported earlier this year that Simi’s mum Ms. Jedidiah Ogunleye will be getting married this January after divorcing her husband 20 years ago.
Ms. Jedidiah Ogunleye and her estranged husband got separated in 1997 and she’s been single ever since. Simi’s mum, who shared the testimony of her engagement at church on the eve of the New Year, said:
“I joined this church for over 20 years as a sinner. I will like to say a big thank you to Pastor Sam. My desire has always been to get married.
Every Sunday, I’m always ushering couples to their seat and I love to see these couples ushered into the church because marriage is something I so much desire. Getting married has always been a particular goal I rewrite every year. My daughter Simi once told me that “mummy, this church you are going, it’s just young boys and youths that attend this church, you may never find a man of your age in that church.” But I trusted God too much.

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Just this year a man walked into my life and as you can see, I am now engaged and would be getting married in January 2018.”
It was reported that just before the singer’s mom began sharing her testimony in the church, the congregation was already screaming like they all knew what she was about to say.
Ms Jedidiah, Simi’s mum had to keep the congregation quiet so she could be heard and also share her testimony to the already excited congregation.
She was full of great excitement as she showed off her ring to the whole church. It was just the best time of the year to share such a lovely testimony.
Well today, the singer’s mum walked down the aisle and Simi played Chief Bridesmaid role at the event.

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