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Sheggz Reveals Why He Can’t Be Cool With Doyin



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Sheggz reveals why he can't be cool with Doyin

Following his altercation with Adekunle on Tuesday night, Sheggz has expressed his thoughts on the matter.

When Sheggz and Adekunle got into a furious argument on Tuesday, things almost turned physical in the level two residence.

After cooling off from their argument, Sheggz and Bella started talking to each other about the other housemates, and Doyin quickly rose to the top of their list.

The couple reached an agreement that Doyin was not to trusted. “Doyin is a snake who goes about snitching on everyone,” Sheggz said and followed on why they couldn’t be friends.

Doyin’s initial interest in a love “situationship” didn’t bode well for Sheggz’s perception of her, so he’s not surprised to hear it. Doyin’s decision to weigh in during last night’s fight angered Bella.

Meanwhile, the housemates will soon be displaying artwork with an Afrofuturist theme as part of this week’s wager challenge. The first half of the challenge will have the housemates employ African symbolism to design a 3D representation of five pieces of future technology. In the second segment, the inmates will have a debate.

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