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See Things To Do, To Let Your Crush Reply To Your Message



See Things To Do, To Let Your Crush Reply To Your Message

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Texting a woman’s or man’s direct messages (DMS) is an art. It is not something you rush into; you have to lay down the foundation.

Saying the wrong things can leave you sorely emb@rrassed or your message will be left unread.

So how do you go about texting  DMs? Check out some tips:

1. Start on the timeline

Whether it is Instagram or Twitter, you must have had some prior interaction on the timeline.

Like and reply their tweets, comment on their pictures and Instagram stories. Have some sort of interaction before sliding into their dm.

Do they reply your comments? Laugh at your own tweets? Like your own pictures?

2. Don’t just say hello or hi or hey

You must be clear about why you are in their dm. Don’t say hey and leave it like that. An interesting first line is crucial. Something cute that will make them laugh and respond. A line like, “Hi, I really love your views on body positivity. I think that women are more than their bodies, even though you are built like a goddess.”

3. Start from friendship, don’t come on too strong or ask for too much

From prior interactions, what are their interests? Let’s say she loves to draw. Talk about how much you admire her art and ask if it tells a story. Don’t start by saying, ‘I want to marry you’ only $c@mmers do that.

Be interesting and be interested in them.

You should not be asking for their phone number, office address, home address or to meet up during the first conversation. Just enjoy the conversation and build a good friendship.

Be consistent in communication. Ask about their life and plans. It is also a good way to know if they are right for you.

4. Say something sweet, honest and true

If you have romantic intentions, you can be fl!rty but do not be $-exual. Pay honest compliments to let them know you find them attractive. Most people can detect lies and phoniness. “I know you get loads of dms because of beautiful you are but I just thought to pop in here. I hope someone as gorgeous as you will respond to this message.”

5. Have an interesting profile.

Your crush will most likely check your profile. They should see good-looking pictures and interesting tweets or captions not any how pictures.

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