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5 Things Guys To Do Before Propose



5 Things Guys To Do Before Propose

What to know before making that wedding proposal

There is no general proposition that every woman wants, women’s needs are different. Some want elaborate proposals, others want it quiet.

Check out some tips below;

1. Be convinced she has no links with men in her past
Many women have $-*x with their ex days before their wedding. It is completely heartbreaking to find out, so make sure she is over and done with all her exes.

2. Speak about marriage repeatedly
This is not a one-time what do you think of marriage talk but asking ‘when do you want to get married? ‘do you want to get married to me?’ This would reduce the chances of getting rejected.

3. Meet her family and get her father’s permission
Getting her father’s permission is paramount. Make sure you know each of her family members, they know you and they have accepted you.

4. Check that your genotype matches and no one has an STI
Don’t assume your genotype. Once the relationship is getting serious confirm your genotype and test yourselves for $*xually transmitted infections. The forbidden genotype matches are AS and AS, SS and AS and AC and AS.

5. Ask her the type of proposal she wants
Don’t assume every woman wants the same type of proposal. You don’t have to be so upfront about it. You can comment on a proposal you saw online and hear what she thinks.

If you do all these, you will avoid embarrassment either by her rejecting the ring or calling off the wedding after accepting the ring.

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