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Presidency Isn’t Turn By Turn – Peter Obi Hits Tinubu



Presidency Isn’t Turn By Turn – Peter Obi Hits Tinubu

Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi, has stated that Nigerians will choose a leader they can trust as it is not the turn of anyone to lead the nation.

Obi seems to be making light of All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate Bola Tinubu for a statement he made a few months back.

In a speech in June, Tinubu discussed how he helped President Muhammadu Buhari win and why he should succeed him.

During his tense speech, Tinubu made use of terms like “Emi Lo Kàn,” which translates to “I’m the next.”

Speaking at a retreat organised by LP on Monday in Abuja, Obi said the 2023 elections should be based on “competence”.

“We will do this retreat now; after the election, we will do another one. Next year’s elections will not be based on ethnicity,” the presidential candidate said.

“We have had it before; it would not be on religion. There is no place that Christians buy things cheaper, there is no place that Muslims buy things cheaper.

“It will not be by turn, it is nobody’s turn. It must not be by connection. The election next year must be based on character and trust; it must be based on competence,” he stated.

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