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After months of development WhatsApp have started rolling out the Delete for Everyone feature, which allows you to recall messages after you’ve sent them.

This applies to text messages, gifs, video, pictures… pretty much anything you can send on WhatsApp, however it must be done within seven minutes of sending the message.

How does the unsend feature work? 

All you have to do is select the message you want to unsend, within the seven minute timeframe, and press and hold on the message then select delete from the menu and hit the ‘delete for everyone’ option that means everyone in the chosen conversation be it one or two people, or ten.

WhatsApp explain in their FAQ’s that the unsend feature is particularly useful ‘if you sent a message in the wrong chat or if the message you sent contains a mistake’ – don’t you mean texts to your ex, boss or mother, when they were meant for one of the other two? When you successfully delete a message ‘for everyone’ it will appear in your conversation as ‘this message was deleted’ for you and for the person you are messaging, so they will know you have censored yourself.

The option to send a message will only be possible up to seven minutes after sending the message, after that there is no way to delete messages for everyone.

There is no guarantee that the recipient will not see the message before you manage to delete it or if you didn’t manage to properly delete it.

An unfortunate side note is that you will not be notified if the deletion was not successful so if you’re caught up in the risky business you would want to keep an eye on the chat.

The unsend feature should be available to use on your phone in the coming days and weeks as the app updates, however you can only use the feature in a particular conversation if the other participant or participants have also update their app and have access to the feature.

Go to your app store and update your app to start using the snazzy but sneaky new feature.

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