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Mr Eazi Is The Richest Person I’ve Ever Met, He’s Richer Than Davido – Small Doctor



Mr Eazi Is Richer Than Davido”: Small Doctor Gives Reasons, Says He Has Met Both Stars, Reactions Trail Video -

Nigerian singer Small Doctor recently expressed his deep admiration for his fellow artist Mr. Eazi, describing him as the wealthiest individual he has ever met.

Small Doctor shared his thoughts during his appearance on the latest episode of the Echoo Room podcast, hosted by media personality Quincy Jonze.

The “Omo Better” singer emphasized that Mr. Eazi not only possesses immense wealth but also has an abundance of resources at his disposal.

He further explained that although he refers to Davido as “Richest,” it is Mr. Eazi who holds the title of the richest person he has ever come across.

In his own words:-
“The person I have encountered with the most wealth is Mr Eazi. In my perception, he not only has money but also possesses valuable resources.

I have met Davido, whom I refer to as ‘Richest.’ When he hears ‘Richest,’ he knows it refers to Small Doctor. David is ‘Richest,’ but Eazi is the wealthiest person I have ever met.”

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