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Ilebaye Only Cares About Men And Alc*hol – Doyin




Doyin, the Big Brother Naija “All Stars” housemate, has slammed her housemate, Ilebaye.

She expressed her displeasure in Ilebaye for not reciprocating her friendship energy.

This comes after she had a h3ated face-off with Venita for failing to intervene when Ike threw Ilebaye’s clothes on the bathroom floor in her presence.

After she confronted Venita for indirectly enabling the situation, Ilebaye went behind her back to apologize to Venita for Doyin’s behavior towards her, despite the fact that she was fighting for her.

Doyin felt deeply betrayed by Ilebaye’s action and confided in Angel about her feelings. During their conversation, Doyin expressed her profound disappointment in Ilebaye and accused her of consistently putting men over their friendship.

She went on to assert that Ilebaye doesn’t deserve her friendship, as she only cares about men and alcohol, describing her as entitled and stupid.

Watch the video below,

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