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Five Signs To Know A Lady Is For The Street



Five Signs To Know A Lady Is For The Street

Here's what Nigerian women think about cohabitation before marriage | Pulse Nigeria

A woman who is for the streets isn’t ready for commitment and cannot be tied down. If any man tries, it never ends well because she belongs to everybody and nobody.

Check out the tips;

1. She spends every Sunday at Ilashe

Ilashe is a private beach on Lagos island. If she is always going there with different people every Sunday, it is a red flag.

2. Hangs out with artiste and skit makers

This is a red flag shining so brightly. One day she is with a group of musician and the next day she is with Instagram skit makers. Except she is part of their management, pursuing such women would end in tears.

3. She lives in hotels

Her mirror selfie game in hotels is always on a 100. If she is a business owner, that’s okay, but today she is at Radisson Blu and the next day she is at Oriental hotel, why?

4. She loves Snapchat

Eventhough I don’t use Snapchat, a personal intel tells me Snapchat is a place for lot of life experience.

5. She does not have a job but her lifestyle is lavish

This may or not mean she is for the streets but if her income does not match her lifestyle means many men are on her case and giving her gifts.

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