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Five Signs To Know A Guy Is For The Street



Five Signs To Know A Guy Is For The Street

Future is the king of toxic men [Kulturehub]

A man who is for the streets does not want to be committed to any woman but loves attention from many women.

Here are some signs he is for the streets;

1. He is solely focused on the $*xual part of the relationship

Every man is aware of post-nut clarity. It simply means you do not like a person as much after $*x. If he is serious about you, he will delay gratification and build a solid connection. If he is all about $*x, that is all you need to know.

2. He gaslights you

It is never him, it is you. He hurts you yet you are the one at fault, you are the one who upset him, who makes him act the way he does.

3. He loves bombs you and tells you he is not ready for commitment

When you met him, he made you feel loved so fast. It felt like a whirlwind romance. After a while, he tells you he is not ready for commitment, but he still wants to have $*x and keep talking to you. That means he is keeping his options open. He will ghosts you after a while.

4. He is ‘friends’ with many women

So many women are his friends, which means he is still playing the field, when he is ready to settle down he will most likely reduce his attachment to the many women and zero down on one.

5. He cheated once, begged you, and continued cheating

A leopard never changes his spot. A typical example is Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Tristan Thompson who keeps cheating. If he is a serial cheater, you need to throw in the towel and accept that he belongs to the streets.

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