Blackberry Will Make You Dump Your Andriod Device and iPhones

Blackbery refuses to die! It’s no secret Kim Kardashian West loves her BlackBerry and nearly lost her Goddmn mind last year when her last BlackBerry Bold died and she couldn’t find any more on eBay.
Well, Kim, I hope you’re reading this because everything is going to be OK again once the new QWERTY keyboard-equipped BlackBerry KEYone comes out in a few months.
Designed and manufactured by TCL Communications Technology (TCT), which now has the global rights to build and sell BlackBerry-branded phones, the KEYone (formerly codenamed “Mercury”) is the best marriage of BlackBerry and Android I’ve seen yet.

Sure, people said similar things about the BlackBerry Priv, but in my opinion, the KEYone looks and feels better. And at $549, it’s also more affordable than the Priv was at launch, which had a price tag of $699 (it’s $499 now).
At Mobile World Congress 2017,  a closer look at the KEYone  shows it’s really nice…if you’re still into BlackBerrys and a physical keyboard.
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