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Wizkid Breaks New Record With Made In Lagos



Wizkid Breaks New Record With Made In Lagos

Nigerian superstar Wizkid has once again made waves in the music industry, solidifying his status as one of Africa’s most successful artists.

His highly acclaimed album, “Made in Lagos,” has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first-ever album by an African act to spend a remarkable 130 weeks on the Billboard World Albums chart. This extraordinary feat not only showcases Wizkid‘s immense talent but also signifies a significant milestone for African music on the global stage.

Wizkid‘s record-breaking achievement with “Made in Lagos” highlights the growing influence and recognition of African music worldwide. This landmark feat demonstrates the power and resonance of African sounds, captivating audiences far beyond the continent’s borders. It serves as a testament to the incredible creativity, artistry, and cultural impact that artists from Africa bring to the global music landscape.

Released in October 2020, “Made in Lagos” quickly garnered critical acclaim and captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. The album effortlessly blends elements of Afrobeat, reggae, R&B, and hip-hop, creating a vibrant and infectious sonic experience. Wizkid’s smooth vocals, combined with stellar collaborations with renowned artists such as Burna Boy, Tems, and Damian Marley, elevate the album to new heights of excellence.

The album’s tracks, including chart-topping hits like “Essence” and “Ginger,” have become anthems, resonating with listeners across different cultures and backgrounds. Wizkid’s ability to infuse his Nigerian roots into his music while maintaining a global appeal has undoubtedly contributed to the lasting impact of “Made in Lagos.”

Wizkid‘s groundbreaking accomplishment with “Made in Lagos” is another addition to his ever-growing list of accolades. The talented artist has consistently pushed boundaries and shattered barriers throughout his career, setting new standards for African musicians worldwide. From his early hits like “Ojuelegba” to his Grammy-winning collaboration on Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl,” Wizkid continues to pave the way for future generations of African artists.

Wizkid‘s “Made in Lagos” is not just an album; it is a cultural phenomenon that has propelled African music to new heights. Breaking the record for the longest-running album by an African act on the Billboard World Albums chart is a testament to Wizkid’s talent, dedication, and global appeal.

As the world embraces African sounds more than ever before, Wizkid‘s achievement is a significant milestone in the ongoing journey of African music’s ascent to international recognition and appreciation.

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