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Why I Want My Colleagues To See Me As Threat – Ruger Reveals



Why I Want My Colleagues To See Me As Threat – Ruger Reveals

During a recent installment of the Afrobeats Podcast hosted by Ruger, the artist expressed his desire to be recognized as a formidable force in the music industry among his peers.

Renowned for his popular track ‘Asiwaju,’ Ruger highlighted the significance of leaving a mark in a fiercely competitive music landscape.

The hit song ‘Asiwaju’ by Ruger has gained acclaim for its audacious and self-assured lyrics, blending Pidgin and Yoruba languages seamlessly.

During the podcast interview, Ruger shared the inspiration behind the track, revealing that it was a deeply personal message for him.

During the conversation, Ruger also revealed that he has come to realize that only a few people in the industry truly support him for who he is.

He singled out rapper Dremo as the only friend he has in the music industry.

In his words:-
“It [‘Asiwaju’] is everything. It’s a viby song. It’s also a personal message because I don’t want anyone to look at me as not dangerous.

“When people don’t see you as a threat, it’s bad. There are a lot of artists that are in that category. Sorry and it’s bad, honestly. When you are about to release music and nobody is shaking; you announced a single/project release date and nobody is bothered. It’s really bad.

“You’ve to make yourself a threat. People have to anticipate your release whether it’s good or bad. That’s the level I’m on right now. It’s deliberate. I want my colleagues to see me as a threat. You can’t be a softy. You either be a monster or you be food. Many people are foods right now. The music business taught be to be hard. It’s not all love, mehn. I can’t lie to you. Just follow your own pace and be that monster.”

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