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Why I Don’t Want To Train My Child Alone – Wumi Toriola



Why I Don’t Want To Train My Child Alone – Wumi Toriola

Popular Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has stated that she doesn’t want to train her child alone and co-parenting with her ex-husband ‘makes sense’.

Wumi said she does not want a situation where she will be a single parent and her son starts loving his dad who is not present.

The actress had announced the end of her marriage in January 2023 through a post on her official social media page after two years of togetherness.

She said;

“I see that even co-parenting makes sense, we could have ended up being friends but a lot of us do not understand that some people are for marriage while some are meant to be friends.

“We co-parent better. I can’t train a child alone and the child will start loving the other parent who is far away. I don’t want to be giving a 1950 prologue so I allowed him. He is 100% involved with his child.”

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