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Why I Buri3d Mohbad Quickly – Father Opens Up



Why I Buri3d Mohbad Quickly – Father Opens Up

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad, has explained why he buri3d his son quickly.

Mohbad’s death was announced on September 12 and he was laid to rest the following day.

In a recent interview shared by Temilola Sobola (@TemilolaSobola) via Instagram on Tuesday, Aloba claimed he was only respecting Yoruba culture by burying the artist quickly.

According to him, it is customary not to delay buri@l if both parents are still alive.

“In Yoruba land, his corps3 is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive.

“That land where Mohbad was buri3d is his only land, that is the only land I know him to have owned.

“Truly he gave me the land to build my church because we had both agreed to build the church there and since that’s the only land I knew him to have,”

Aloba said.

Mohbad passed on at 27 years old, with varying accounts of how he di3d circulating on the Internet.

There are reports that his body may be exhumed to determine the cause of his d3ath.

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