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Why Brands Don’t Sign Me and Sheggz Together – Bella Okagbue



Why Brands Don’t Sign Me and Sheggz Together – Bella Okagbue

Bella Okagbue, reality star, has revealed the reason why companies don’t sign her and Sheggz together to influence jobs.

In response to a fan’s inquiry, Bella disclosed this information by talking about the limited number of corporate endorsements and partnerships that she and her spouse Sheggz take part in.

The main one, as far as Bella is concerned, is the significant cost of their partnership.

She claimed that because they have become respected and important brands, they both attract hefty rates, therefore engaging them concurrently would require a significant expenditure from marketers.

Bella emphasised that in order for a brand to afford their combined fees, it must have a sizable amount of money.

Bella continued by saying that Sheggz and her being involved in the same marketing effort suggests a significant financial commitment from the sponsoring company.

She clarified that there are no intentions to reduce their rates in spite of any objections, pointing out the great influence and worth attached to the names “Bella and Sheggz.”

In her words she said:

”Myself and sheggz are both so expensive, why we don’t get so much work together is because for a brand to pay both of us, that brand has to be deep, so whenever you see us influencing together, just know that brand money choke”

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