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‘We Are Not Rubber Stamp Senate’, Ahmad Lawan Defends Cooperation With Executive



‘We Are Not Rubber Stamp Senate’, Ahmad Lawan Defends Cooperation With Executive


 ‘We Are Not Rubber Stamp Senate’, Ahmed Lawal Defends Cooperation With Executive
Ahmad Lawan

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has expressed that the current legislative arm of government is not a rubber stamp National Assemblyas opined by many people in the country.

However, Lawan noted that the two arms of government are working in tandem to see that the dividends of democracy are duly provided for the Nigerian people.

He stated this during the commissioning of New Evans Ewerem Way in Imo State on Friday.

“We in the National Assembly have been working with the veto arm of the government, so far, so good. We do so consciously, we do so purposefully, we do so patriotically because we believe that both arms of government are voted in to serve the people.

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“And where we will have to disagree with the veto arm of government, we’ll do so. We have done so before and if it becomes necessary to do so, we will do it again,” he said.

The lawmaker added, “But where we have no cause to differ, where we have no cause to say ‘No!’ we will not differ and we will not say no because that is what will serve the people of this country.

“We don’t care if the opposition will say ‘this rubber stamp assembly,’ you had an assembly that never saw anything good in working together, what did the people get, nothing.

“As a person, as the chairman of the National Assembly, as the president of the Senate, I don’t care if you say what we do is rubber stamp but you know inside you, inside your heart, that we are not Rubber stamp; we are there to make sure that the people of this country get the best deal from the government that they vote in.”



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