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Vibing With Someone Does Not Make Them Your Friend – Simi



Vibing With Someone Does Not Make Them Your Friend – Simi

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simi, has shared an important advice on social media regarding the true meaning of friendship and the importance of guarding one’s personal space.

Simi warned against loosely using the term ‘friend’ for just anyone, stating that not everyone deserves this title.

She noted that casual interactions or occasional good vibes don’t necessarily qualify someone as a best friend, stressing the need for someone to protect their personal space and be selective about who they allow into their hearts and spirits.

She reveal how it is important to understand that no one’s life revolves around another person and it’s okay for feelings and perceptions to differ.

In her words:

“Y’all just be calling ANYBODY your friend and then act surprised when they act like your enemy

You can be cool or vibe with someone every once in a while, but that def does not mean you’re now besties. Protect your space and stop giving every single person that made you smile once access to your heart and spirit.

And this might be hard to hear (read) – but sometimes when you’re riding hard for someone that is not doing the same for you, it’s not always because they don’t like you or that they’re “bad friends” they probably just never really saw you the same way. you saw then.

That. Is. Okay.

Nobody’s life revolves around you except your own. Choose the people that choose you too.

If you’re confused, communicate.

Now stand up from your pity party and have a great day today”

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