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Tinubu Promises To Recharge Lake Chad If Elected President



Tinubu Promises To Recharge Lake Chad If Elected President

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, says that although Nigerians are hungry, they can as well manage their hunger.

The former Lagos State governor stated this on Tuesday at the officially flagged-off ceremony of the Kolmani Integrated Development Project, KIPRO, in Bauchi State.

According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari had put the country on the path of prosperity, adding that history would be kind to him as a former general who came to rescue his country when things were gloomy.

He said:

“Whatever they say in their social media, traditional comments, and write-ups, history will be very kind to you because you are in the class of great retired generals who came to rescue their country.

“We may be hungry but we can manage our hunger; we don’t want to kill each other. Today, you gave us a path to prosperity, a path to success.

“The only thing that I may want to exclude and argue about is the West and Europe. They use our coal and fuel to develop their economy, and they ask us to be conscious, but I like your answer.

“We cannot stay hungry and starve to death. We have to take care of ourselves unless they pay compensation to us; that is where we stand.”

Mr Tinubu also assured the president that if elected, he would ensure that Lake Chad is “recharged” as a means of tackling hunger in the country.

“Anytime we discuss the lack of food and the challenges of terrorism, you will talk about Lake Chad. Okay, let me assure you, if I’m elected the president, I will recharge Lake Chad,” 

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