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Thousands of Fleeing inmates Abandon Luggage on Owerri Streets



Thousands of Fleeing inmates Abandon Luggage on Owerri Streets


Imo prison

Imo prison


Thousands of inmates in a hurry to escape after being freed by G0nmen abandoned their luggage on the streets of Owerri.


Recall that G0nmen had early morning of Monday attacked the Owerri correctional facility releasing over 1,000 inmates.


Vanguard visited the Owerri correctional center located along Okigwe road, and saw bags of different sizes even religious books as well as writing materials, clothes of both male and female were seen on the road sides, at the front of the correctional center.


Other streets luggage of the fleeing inmates were visibly seen included; Wethedral, Assumpta and front of Imo government house.


Some eyewitnesses who spoke to Vanguard said that, “The inmates decided to abandon their properties because they think with the bag they can be located easily and some of the bags were heavy for them to carry them and run at the same time.”


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