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‘They Didn’t Even Allow Him Return To Abuja’ – Reactions



‘They Didn’t Even Allow Him Return To Abuja’ – Reactions


Mohammed Adamu

Mohammed Adamu


The termination of Mohammed Adamu’s appointment as Inspector General of Police while he was in Imo state has gotten reactions on social media.


President Muhammadu Buhari replaced Adamu with Usman Alkali Baba on Tuesday afternoon.


Adamu was inspecting the havoc wreaked on the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command when the news of the termination of his appointment broke.


In February, his appointment had been extended by three months but he had only spent two months and three days of that period when he was relieved of duty.

Below are some Twitter reactions:


Senator Shehu Sani


Goodbye Adamu,rest well and regain your lost weight


Babatunde Olatunji


Abi now . Very funny country , on assignment and removed from there. My country Nigeria.




He is the new commissioner of Police in Imo state. You see this life no balance. Dem send am go far, come carry him chair    




IGP SACKED while on official visit to IMO State. #inukwa


sunday school dropout ⛪


Nigeria is being run like one man business




Well deserved, this was long overdue


PDP 2023!!!       


IGP SACKED while on official visit to Imo State. Malami is incharge if you know, you know  


E J  


The MAN ‘O WAR rep went to owerri and was flexing muscles.

Chaiiii… Buhari do am this one “STRIKINGLY”  



Alabo Roland


Buhari is in London, IGP Adamu went to Owerri to blow big grammar only to come back to Abuja as a former IGP.

This life no balace.




I doubt if Buhari is aware of this update. Someone who fought tooth and nail to keep Ádámù as IGP despite critics.

Perhaps Adamu wasn’t tough enough on IPOB


Lord Prince


Adamu arrives Imo as the IGP over the attack on Police &Prison facilities.

While he was busy talking tough on how he will kill IPOB/ESN operatives, Buhari fired him &appoint Usman Alkali Baba to replace him.

Adamu who came to Owerri as IGP will now return to Abuja as former IG


Baby Governor TK


Our dear former IG was issuing orders in Imo and our dear Abuja 01 decided to remove the rug from his feet      .

I wish Fmr IGP Adamu well and welcome acting IG Usman Baba.

Hoping to see more deep rooted police reforms and personnel motivation.




Muhammad adamu went to owerri as the IGP.But he will leave as a former IGP.

Na so life be.


Toni Onyeihe


IGP Adamu Mohammed rtd sacked on the road. APC should have allowed him return to Abuja na


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