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The EFCC Has Confirmed The Arrest Of Two Suspected Fraudsters At Skales’ Residence



The EFCC Has Confirmed The Arrest Of Two Suspected Fraudsters At Skales’ Residence

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has officially acknowledged the arrest of two individuals suspected of fraudulent activities, residing in the home of Nigerian singer Skales. This confirmation comes after Skales alleged that the EFCC forcefully entered his residence.
Initially, Skales vehemently criticized the EFCC’s actions, going so far as to label the organization as a criminal entity. However, in a subsequent statement released on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the EFCC posted images of the two suspects on social media.

The EFCC disclosed that these individuals are accused of engaging in internet fraud, specifically dating scams. It was revealed that they had been residing in Skales’ residence and viewed him as their mentor.

The EFCC’s statement explained:-
“The suspects: Udemba Chukwuemeka (a.k.a Jody) and Jamal Jamiu Onasola (a.k.a. Jamal) were arrested at the residence of a musician: John Njeng Njeng (a.k.a Skales).”

It further stated:-
“The two suspects, suspected of being involved in a dating scam, described Njeng as their ‘mentor.’ While Chukwuemeka has been in Njeng’s residence for two years, Onasola has only stayed there for a few months.”

The commission indicated that after completing their investigations, the two men would face charges in court.

This statement comes as a response to Skales’ earlier allegations that EFCC agents forcefully entered his home, causing fear among his household, including his 6-month-old daughter. Skales had expressed his frustration on social media, posting videos as evidence of the incident, which showed EFCC operatives entering the residence armed with hammers and firearms.

In response, the EFCC clarified that their actions were based on the information they had received.

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