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The Easiest Football Bets to Win



The Easiest Football Bets to Win


Image by Mike on Pexels
Image by Mike on Pexels

It’s no secret that football is the biggest sport in Nigeria. Nigerians love to watch European football and bet on the matches week-in and week-out. It’s a bit of craze that experts can’t grasp. Online betting has taken over the betting industry like a storm in Africa and especially Nigeria, with millions placed in bets every month.

If you love betting as much as we do, you’re probably always online looking for the perfect tips and tricks. While there’s no magic formula to winning on sports betting in Nigeria, you should know that some bets are easier to win than others.

Of course, you will need to bet responsibly if you want to win, but keeping in mind the bets below can increase your chances to win your bet slips.

Over/Under Goals

The O/U market is one of the most exciting ones in football betting. It’s also one of the easiest you can bet on and win. Betting over/under means betting over an imaginary line of goals set by the bookie. Your bet will win if you guess correctly whether the total number of goals will be over or under that line.

For example, if the line is 3 in a Premier League match between Manchester City and Chelsea, you can bet over or under that number. If you bet over that number, the match will have to end with 3 goals in total or more for you to win. If you bet under it, it will have to end with a maximum of 2 goals.

It’s an easy bet to predict and one of the easiest to win in football betting.

Double Chance

The double chance is a bet that most Nigerian online bookies offer. As the name explains, it’s a bet that lets you cover two outcomes in a match and gives you double the chances to win. For example, it can be a City to win or City to draw bet which increases your chances to win since you’re covering 2 of 3 possible outcomes.

Of course, that will be reflected in the odds, but at least you’ll have a better chance to win.

Over/Under Goals First Half

This one is pretty similar to the over/under total goals market, except it covers the total number of goals in the first half. This market usually comes with better odds than full match O/U since you’re covering only one half.

It’s much easier to bet on too. Teams will come out fresh and bursting before the first half begins, increasing the likelihood of goals in the first 45 minutes.

Both Teams to Score

Betting on both teams to score is one of the easiest and most winnable bets. Just like the name explains, it allows you to bet on both teams to score a goal in the match. This is a great type of bet for derbies where a number of goals is expected. You either choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and wait for the match to end.

The time of goals or anything else doesn’t matter. If you’ve chosen yes and the La Liga derby (for example) between Barcelona and Real Madrid ends with both teams scoring, you’ve won your bet.

Draw No Bet

When you bet on a match result, you either win or lose your bet. A draw when you pick a favorite or underdog also results in a loss, unless you choose the draw no bet. With this simple bet type, you will get your stake returned if the match ends in a draw.

If we had to explain it, we’d say it’s somewhere between a match bet and a double chance bet. Put your money on it, and you won’t have to fear the draw no more. Of course, you won’t profit off a draw, but you won’t lose money on it as well.


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