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Teni Tears Of The Sun – Scores, Hits, & Misses



Teni Tears Of The Sun – Scores, Hits, & Misses

Teni Makanaki, renowned among her fans, has unveiled her sophomore album titled “Tears of the Sun” and here’s a detailed critique of the album.

Kicking off the arrival of her sophomore album ‘TEARS OF THE SUN’ earlier in the year with two singles, “No Days Off” and “Lanke,” Teni raised the anticipation of her fans as to what to expect in the album.

In this 16-tracker, her sonic evolution is difficult to miss.

With a lot of pop influence, Teni is on experimentation with other different sounds, displaying never-seen-before layers of her artistry which points to her present state of mind which is: unhinged vibes.

Touching several issues like love, marriage, life, and legacy, Teni draws her listeners into her world in this latest project which speaks to her commitment to making music that appeals to her audience.

Listen to the album as you read along the reviews:-

Album Cover

The album cover resonates with a captivating concept—the sun casting its glow on Teni’s visage.

While commendable, a more abstract artistic approach could have elevated its visual impact, steering away from literal illustrations.

Album Title
“Tears of the Sun” stands out as an original and profound title. The metaphorical association between Teni and the sun, symbolizing her luminous journey in the music industry, is vivid.

The title suggests that even amidst her meteoric rise, she faces lows and challenges, reflecting the album’s theme.

Production: Impeccable execution elevates the album’s sonic quality.

Lyricism: Teni showcases intentionality and depth in her songwriting.

Cohesiveness: The album maintains a coherent narrative throughout its tracks.

Replay Value: Some tracks lack the magnetism to warrant repeated listens.

Uniqueness: While solid, certain songs don’t stand out distinctly amid the album’s landscape.

Entertaining Themes: A few tracks lack captivating themes that engage the listener thoroughly.

Teni Tears of the Sun Album Review: Track by Track
YBGFA (Young Black Girl from Africa): Teni’s intentional lyricism hints at misconceptions about her identity, veering even into suggestive themes regarding her sexuality. Though lengthy, it’s a well-crafted track.

POPO: Explores the sentiment of unrequited love, boasting sonic quality despite generic lyrical content.

CAPRICUN & TAURUS: Resonating with Amaarae’s style, this track shines in production and lyrical delivery, serving as a captivating love song.

JALINGO: Balancing a relaxed delivery with danceable beats, this track strikes a pleasant equilibrium between a groove and a contemplative listen.

HOLY MATRIMONY: Intended for married couples, yet lacks the specific vibe associated with popular wedding anthems, missing resonance for such occasions.

LANKE: Stands out among the initial tracks with a catchy chorus, ensuring high replay value and memorable appeal.

CONTROL: Despite its attempt at a vibrant dancehall vibe and 90s afro-instrumentation, it fails to differentiate or align with the album’s overarching theme.

INO FT MADE KUTI: Rooted in the didactic essence of early afrobeat, the absence of Made’s vocals detracts from the song, despite bearing his influence.

Biggest Potential Hit:-
It’s difficult to choose just one song off the album, but “YGBFA,” an inspiring track with a baile funk flavor that is really relevant, is perhaps the best choice.

Since it’s the album’s opening track, listeners will be drawn to it right away. Before listening to the remainder of the record, listeners will be fidgeting with the repeat button for some time.

“Ino” featuring Made Kuti is deserving of honorable notice.

Because of its special fusion of familiarity and Teni’s own style, “Malaika” will have a profound emotional impact on viewers.

Its effect will be amplified despite its extensive radio airplay, particularly in light of the current status of the nation.

Through her skillful rewriting of the well-known gospel hymn and her infusion of her signature style, Teni will readily make it approachable to a broad audience.

In summary, Teni’s “Tears of the Sun” album showcases prowess in production and lyrical depth.

While some tracks shine with memorable hooks and narratives, others struggle to stand out or align with the album’s thematic coherence.

This version aims to provide a comprehensive yet concise review of Teni’s album, catering to a broader audience with a focus on the music’s strengths and areas for improvement.

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