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Skitmaker, Brain Jotter Speaks On Colleague, OGB ‘Copying’ Him



Skitmaker, Brain Jotter Speaks On Colleague, OGB ‘Copying’ Him

Brain Jotter, a popular comedian and skitmaker has denounced claims that his fast-rising colleague, OGB Recent, is copying his comedy style.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Real Life Talk podcast, Brain Jotter shared his opinion on the speculations that OGB was copying his comedy style, and he rejected the notion that his colleague wasn’t copying him.

Brain Jotter however admitted that OGB sounds like him in his comedy skits but added that being inspired by someone does not necessarily mean copying the person.

He said:

“OGB is not copying me. I know him personally. He is my man to an extent. But I don’t know what you guys mean by copying me. I’ve never actually come out to say he’s copying me. I feel like he has my kind of voice but I don’t really think he’s copying me.”

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