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Singer Rudeboy Slams Those Mocking ‘Igbotic’ Accent



Singer Rudeboy Slams Those Mocking ‘Igbotic’ Accent


Nigerian musician, Paul Okoye, alias Rudeboy has slammed those mocking ‘Igbotic’ accent as well as other Nigerian accents people find unacceptable.

The ‘Reason With Me’ crooner took to his Instagram Story to berate them for being too overzealous about accents.

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The singer further noted that the Nigerian accent is nothing to be ashamed of; rather, it should be a thing of pride for Nigerians.

In his words:

Pls ohh…. If they say you sound Igbotic, Yorubatic, hausatic or how ever you sound, Pls be proud of it… You see those people who think you are an illiterate when you sound like that… they are the real illiterate. There’s nothing in their coconut head Isi Aki.”

See his post below:

The singer’s post


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