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Shallipopi Announces His Record Label Plutomania Records With His New Artists



Shallipopi Announces His Record Label Plutomania Records With His New Artists

Shallipopi is a rising star in the music industry, and he has just announced his own record label, Plutomania Records.

He says he wants to create a platform for talented and creative artists who share his vision of making music that is fresh, original, and diverse.

He has also revealed the names of his first two signed artists, ZerryDL and Tega Boi DC, who are both promising newcomers in the rap scene.

They will be releasing their debut singles under Plutomania Records soon, and fans are eagerly waiting to hear what they have to offer.

Shallipopi says he is proud of his new artists and hopes to support them in their musical journey.


There’s a new star in the Plutomania Records family, and his name is ZerryDL.

He’s the brother of the famous rapper SHALLIPOPI, and he has a voice that will blow your mind. He sounds just like his sibling but with his own twist and style.

If you’re a fan of SHALLIPOPI, you’ll love ZerryDL too. He’s got the same flow, the same charisma, and the same passion for music.

He’s been working hard in the studio with some of the best producers in the industry, and he’s ready to share his talent with the world.

Meet TegaBoi DC

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the Plutomania Records family, TegaBoi DC.

This talented artist has recently been signed alongside ZerryDL, marking an exciting milestone for both of them as the inaugural members of this record label.

Plutomania Records, under the astute ownership of SHALLIPOPI, is proud to have TegaBoi DC on board. The label recognizes and celebrates TegaBoi DC’s exceptional musical prowess, which aligns seamlessly with the vision and values of Plutomania Records.

TegaBoi DC‘s unique style and artistic flair promise to bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to the Plutomania Records family. As the label’s newest recruit, TegaBoi DC is poised to make waves in the music industry, and we’re eager to witness the incredible journey ahead.

Watch the unveiling video below:

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