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Seyi Vibez Finally Accept Defeat, Congratulates Asake On 02 Arena Win



Nigerian singer Seyi Vibez has finally accepted defeat and congratulated his colleague Asake on his recent win at the 02 Arena in London.

In a post on his social media, Seyi Vibez said that he and Asake are both doing well and that there is no bad blood between them. He also said that he is happy for Asake’s success and that it has inspired him to keep working hard.

“Congratulations on your 02 Arena win bro,” Seyi Vibez wrote. “You’ve just made many of us to believe we can do it too. More Wins.”

Seyi Vibez and Asake have been compared to each other for some time, with many people saying that Asake is the better artist. However, Seyi Vibez has always maintained that he is not competing with Asake and that he is just happy to see another Nigerian artist doing well.

This latest gesture from Seyi Vibez is a sign of maturity and shows that he is a true professional. It is also a reminder that there is no need for competition in the music industry. There is room for everyone to succeed.

We wish both Seyi Vibez and Asake continued success in their careers!

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