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See Why Lionel Messi Will Not Last At PSG



See Why Lionel Messi Will Not Last At PSG

Argentina legend, Mario Kempes, has insisted that Lionel Messi will not last at Paris Saint-Germain if things continue as they are.

Kempes believes it shows in Messi’s face that the seven-time Ballon d’ Or winner is not happy at PSG.

Messi joined PSG from Barcelona last summer and has not really impressed at the French Ligue 1 giant.

The Argentine captain was recently booed by PSG fans.

“I don’t know if Barcelona will welcome him with open arms because he left in a way that no one expected and now he will return in a way that no one expects. It’s complicated,” Kempes told Super Deportivo Radio.

“If Messi is tired at PSG, he will have to resolve his situation and see what he wants to do with his future.

“PSG are not Barcelona. At Barcelona, he was the king. At PSG, he is not as happy as he was when he was at Barcelona. He is still the king of the world, but the results are not happening and that affects him, no matter how much he smiles at any moment.

“I don’t think Messi will last that long at PSG if things continue as they are now.”

He added,

“I see Messi’s face and I see the concern. Not only with the PSG shirt. What worries me is seeing that face of Messi thinking about what he can do with the Argentine National Team.

“Whether he wins or loses with PSG or whether he plays for Barcelona or Real Madrid, I don’t care one bit.

“The only thing I want from Messi is 200 percent for the Argentine National Team. I want him to arrive in the best shape both mentally and physically.”

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