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Rio Ferdinand Is Still Angry With Man U Players After Defeat To Man City



Rio Ferdinand Is Still Angry With Man U Players After Defeat To Man City

Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand has blasted the club’s players for their ‘awful’ body language during their Premier League derby defeat against Manchester City on Sunday.

Ferdinand said that all Man United players are trying to be friends and no one is ready to put ‘someone’s nose out of joint’ against Man City.

Man City defeated Man United 4-1 at the Etihad Stadium, thanks to two goals each from Kevin de Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez.

“I feel from the outside looking in, they all just want to be mates. No one wants to put someone’s nose out of joint. It’s like they are all in an office job in the city. They are all being nice and they don’t really like each other but they won’t tell each other.”

“To win, you have got to be pulling people about telling them you are rubbish, sort yourself out. You don’t have to be that aggressive either… It can be a simple conversation. Please tell me they are (doing that).

“I don’t see a response. Their body language is awful, walking about slumped, like the world’s against them, looking unhappy. You are playing for Man United, in a derby, do you know how much those fans in that stadium would give to be on that pitch and you are walking around like, ‘I could be doing better things than this on a Sunday.’”

Giving his verdict on the match, Ferdinand said in his Vibe With Five YouTube channel.

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