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Rapper Ikechukwu Gives Update On His Health



Rapper Ikechukwu Gives Update On His Health

Nigerian rapper, Ikechukwu Onunaki simply known as Ikechukwu has given a health update on his paralysis.

The rapper, who has been bedridden for weeks, took to his Instagram page to share videos of him trying to get back on his feet. In his caption, Ikechukwu prophesied healings to himself as he promised to never take things for granted.

“Slowly but surely.
I will get back walking
I will touch my toes without bending my knees.
I will feel no sharp stabs in my back or legs.
I will do back flip in February.

All the things I took for granted by letting my regular practices fall off.
Never again as God is my witness and healer.
Idey come.

P.s I will also gain the weight back”.

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