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Pastor Breaks Into Ex-Lover’s Home, Beats the Hell Out of Her (Photo)



Pastor Breaks Into Ex-Lover’s Home, Beats the Hell Out of Her (Photo)


Pastor Nkomo

Pastor Nkomo



A pastor has been arrested by the police after he gave his ex-lover a thorough be@ting over an incident.


It was gathered that the 31-year-old Pastor of Gathering of Saints church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who has now been arraigned in court for reportedly breaking into his 46-year-old ex-lover’s home before giving her the be@ting of her life.


The incident occurred after Maritha Khumalo who refused to allow the Pastor into her home at Entumbane, locked herself in.


Pastor Nkomo was said to have left briefly only to return around 7pm to hide in a nearby maize field, anticipating that Maritha would eventually open the door.


He was however spotted at the farm by his ex-lover. 


After realising that his plan was not working, Pastor Nkomo scaled over the precast wall and knocked on Maritha’s door. After she insisted on not opening the door, he then climbed onto the roof where he removed two asbestos sheets and jumped into the house from above. After gaining entry into the house, he started assaulting his ex-lover.


A bleeding Maritha eventually made her way out of the house and sought sanctuary at a neighbour’s. He was later arrested and charged with physical abuse and malicious damage to property.


Upon being arraigned before Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube, he readily pleaded guilty to the charges. He was convicted on his own plea and fined $10,000 for physical abuse.


On the charge of malicious damage to property, the Pastor was sentenced to 6 months of which three months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years.


The other three months were suspended on the condition that he pays $22,680 as restitution to Jabulani Chirinda, the landlord, for the roof that he damaged.


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