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Nigerian Senator Pre Orders $300,000 Flying Car, Shares Receipt



Nigerian Senator Pre Orders 0,000 Flying Car, Shares Receipt

Nigerian senator, Ben Murray Bruce on has disclosed that he pre-ordered a flying car from California-based startup Alef Aeronautics which is reportedly worth over $300,000.

The former Bayelsa East Senator on Friday, tweeted this with a photo of the black car and a receipt showing the preorder notice.

Murray-Bruce, an advocate of electric cars, said he was “thrilled” to announce his pre-order, adding that flying cars are no longer sci-fi.

Murray-Bruce said he would be bringing it to Nigeria and hoped the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) would gladly receive it.

“I am thrilled to announce my preorder of Alef, @AlefAeronautics, the first FAA-approved flying electric car! A testament to our boundless future—flying cars aren’t just for sci-fi anymore. For years, I’ve been an advocate for electric vehicles, and I was the first to own one in Nigeria.

“Here’s to the next leap in transportation. Africa, we rise! Excited to bring this revolution to Nigeria, and I hope the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), @NigeriaCAA, is ready,” he wrote.

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