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Nigerian Doctor Hailed After Successfully Carrying Out Brain Surgery (Photo)



Nigerian Doctor Hailed After Successfully Carrying Out Brain Surgery (Photo)


Dr. Omotayo

Dr. Omotayo


A Nigerian doctor has become an online sensation after he successfully performed brain surgery.


The doctor has been identified as Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr. Omotayo Ojo.


Mike Essien, the CEO of, had taken to twitter to appreciate the brilliance and hard work of Ojo, on the successful brain surgery carried out on his father.


Ojo, a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Lagoon Hospital, in 2013 won the prestigious Young Neurosurgeon award of the World Federation of Neurosurgeon Societies in South Korea.


Ojo won the award due to his outstanding work on Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) in the treatment of hydrocephalus in children.


According to Essien: “After two emergency ruptured aneurysms, brain surgery in Lagos and a massive scar across his head, my Dad is back to his same jolly self.

“The doctors say his survival was miraculous, the neurologist says that it’s rare for someone to recover full brain function so quick.

“Three aneurysms successfully clipped in Lagos, the German checkup doctors said the Nigerian doctors did a world-class job.

“All check-ups giving clean bill of health. Six months of brain function recovery and he’s now back to normal.”


Reacting to the successful feat, many Nigerians hailed the neorosurgeon for putting up a successful performance.


Some others who have once had an encounter with him, extolled his virtues.


Gbemisola Esho said: “Congratulations! We have phenomenal neurosurgeons in Nigeria, remember Prof Tayo Sokunbi when performed surgery on a family member with a fantastic recovery rate too.”


Aje Agbaje said: “Dr Ojo. He did brain tumor surgery for someone very close to me. Man’s a genius and a national asset. He should be protected at all cost.”


Opaleye Adebayo said: “Dr Tayo Ojo is one of the best brains Nigeria has. He knows this thing.”


Susan Fadipe said: “Had a brain surgery at LUTH in 2013 and all I can say is that Dr Ojo is absolutely phenomenal.”


Dr. Okafor Emmanuel tweeted: “Saw him as our own ‘Ben Carson’ first time I saw him in LUTH. Honored to have been taught by him”


Odi Peter said: “Glad to be reminded of this inspirational man who saved the life of a colleague who suffered a brain injury in Feb 2014. He is a Nigerian hero and his type inspires hope in the talent in this country. Deserves national recognition for the great work he does in the middle of despair.”



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