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NECO Launch E-Platform For Result Verification, Confirmation




The National Examinations Council (NECO) has launched an online result verification portal – NECO e-Verify for efficient verification of results.

This new portal, NECO e-Verify, offers an instantaneous solution for verifying and confirming academic and fundamental information about prospective candidates seeking admission or employment in academic institutions.

The unveiling of the NECO e-Verify was announced in Abuja by NECO Registrar, Prof. Dantani Wushishi.

He explained that the creation of the e-Verify portal was in response to the increasing demands for result confirmation and verification by institutions both in Nigeria and abroad.

Wushishi pointed out that prior to this development, all verification and result confirmation requests were handled through the Council’s headquarters in Minna, causing delays in the process.

He highlighted that the e-Verify platform will significantly speed up the verification process, and by ensuring the accuracy of academic credentials, institutions and employers will gain more confidence in the selection process.

The e-Verify platform brings benefits such as boosted confidence, risk reduction, and enhanced efficiency, making it crucial in the modern world where result forgery has become easier.

Wushishi said, “Especially in today’s world of technology where result forg3ry is easiest, it is important to verify students’ and employees’ credentials to ensure that the institutions/establishments successfully meet their goals.”

He spoke further: “Admitting/hiring unqualified persons can lead to a number of risks such as p*or academic performance, decreased productivity, low morale and when fraudulent behaviors that can retard the progress of the institution and businesses Result verification helps to reduce these risks by ensuring that only qualified candidates are admitted and hired.

“With proper verification of candidates’ results, institutions and businesses will run more efficiently as they will be able to recruit the best applicants that are capable of learning faster and employees that can carry out their duties without or with minimal supervision. This also places universities and other tertiary institutions on a good pedestal as candidates with questionable results would not dare to apply for admission

“It is against this backdrop that the National Examinations Council, as part of its efforts in meeting with global standards, has found it necessary to deploy cutting-edge technology to improve candidates’ experiences as they seek to advance their educational pursuit. With a delightful heart and deep sense of responsibility therefore, we are pleased to present to you, our esteemed stakeholders, the NECO e-Verify Result Verification/Confirmation System.

“This enviable feat, no doubt, will bring a great deal of relief to millions of our candidates, educational institutions and other stakeholders. Please join me as I take you through the workings of the NECO e-Verify platform.”

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