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My Mum Approved My Erot!c@ Role In Ijakumo – Actress, Lolade Okusanya



My Mum Approved My Erot!c@ Role In Ijakumo – Actress, Lolade Okusanya

Nollywood actress, Lolade Okusanya, has revealed that her mum approved of her playing an erotic@ role in Toyin Abraham’s new movie, ‘Ijakumo’.

Okunsanya played the role of Sharon, an undercover str!pper, in the cr!me thriller.

Featuring on TVC’s programme, Your View, the thespian explained that she sent her mother and siblings strippers’ pictures and told them to expect her to play the same role in her upcoming movie.

She said her family was prepared as regards seeing her playing the role.

She said,

“I was not me. I was the character.

“I was in that phase. I was not thinking of me. So, before this (playing the role), I had already… Most important people in my life would be my family members, who I know would break me. So, while I was sending strippers’ videos to aunty Toyin Abraham, I was also sending them to my mum, my sister, my brother, and other important people in my life. I said, ‘These are the kind of things you will see on Netflix, hope it’s fine?’ My mum said, ‘Hmm’.

“But they had prepared their minds. They had prepared their own extended families’ minds. The people that mattered the most to me, were prepared. Social media can do its thing. But the people that mattered most to me were holding my hand.”

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