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LYRICS: Youngii – Du Pe



This is the Lyrics to Youngii single tagged “Du Pe”. Don’t miss out!!!

So many things wey eye don see (ehya)
Things wey be sey he fit kill person (ehya)
Things wey be dey shock person (ehya)
Things wey be sey dey ginger person
Like sey been sey person know person
For no seke
That’s why we pray for grace
Make this hustle no go make me craze
Make debit no go make man gbeess
Thank God, God no be man
(Cos) I for don kpalanga
I for don go
I for don kpeme
I for no show
For everything we do ahah


(Ba nshe ji Loru wo , Kâ ma shope )
(Ba nshe ju loru ro kamadupe). X2
Eh eh eh ko ma lobe x2.

Verse 2

Who dey Carry first fit no carry last
Make your matter no just cast
Life nah puff and pass
Make you low your class limit your distance
Who say we no go blow
Tell them our face dey show
Tinko…… Tinko Tinko
Surulere no be tinko
Shey you know ,
Omope gara gan life nah turn by turn
Give them one time I no seke
Dripping in God grace
Bad man Ja penpe
Bad man ja to jato Ja

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