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Luka Modric Calls Out Referee In The Game Against Argentina



Luka Modric Calls Out Referee In The Game Against Argentina

Luka Modric, the captain of Croatia’s national team, has a jab at the referee who oversaw the semifinal match against Argentina.

At a post-game press conference, Modric vented his ire at several of the calls that were made throughout the game. For the majority of these players, referees, and spectators, the FIFA World Cup has been a bone of contention about tradition.

After the game, the Real Madrid midfielder—who most likely had just played his final match for Croatia—expressed his fury.

Argentina was a fair winner of the game, they were better, they deserved to win, but these things have to be mentioned, I generally don’t do them, but today they have to be done. I don’t like to talk about referees but this is one of the worst. I don’t have a good memory of him, he’s a disaster. For me it wasn’t a penalty. Despite this, I don’t want to detract from Argentina. The penalty killed us. We have to recover for third place and win that game.

The game was won by the two-time World Cup champions 3-0, but the Croatians weren’t happy with Lionel Messi’s penalty conversion for the game’s opening goal.

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