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Lagos NLC Endorses Tinubu And Sanwo-Olu



Lagos NLC Endorses Tinubu And Sanwo-Olu

Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, and Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu for a second term in office have received the support of the NLC and TUC leadership in Lagos State.

At the party’s Gubernatorial Lagos West II Senatorial rally on Thursday in Ojo, Lagos, the labour union made the comments.

Comrade Segun Balogun, who was speaking on behalf of the Public Servants Joint Negotiating Council, emphasised that the Governor’s affection for the civil servants made the endorsement necessary.

“You have been a friend of workers. I can say it with all sense of responsibility, you have kept your promise. You promised workers would not be sacked during covid and you kept to that promise. You have put your name in gold for being the first Governor to pay above the minimum wage.

“Each time you engage labour, you always keep the interest of labour at the front burner. We have made up our minds to follow you,” Balogun said.

Lagos NLC Chairperson, Comrade Funmi Sessi, also stated, “On behalf of NLC Lagos council, we all agreed during our meeting before coming out that we will openly endorse you.

“Some people might be surprised why we come out , we are not politicians. We have only been sitting on the fence but this time around we want to be part of it so that we can be part of the government. We have come out with our full chests because this Government has done good things for us.

“We are also endorsing Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the president of Federal Republic of Nigeria. We will vote for him.”

The TUC Chairman in Lagos State, Comrade Gbenga Ekundayo said:-
“There is no need beating about the bush. You have heard it well. Each time we meet Mr. Governor, he responds to us. Democracy is about inclusion.

“We have tested and have the trust in Mr. Governor and we have found him to have listening ears and a large heart to accommodate us,”

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