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Lagos Is Bigger than Ghana – Efya Settles Music Industry Comparison



Lagos is bigger than Ghana" – Efya settles music industry comparison

Notable songstress, Efya dismisses comparisons between the Ghanaian and Nigerian music industries, asserting that Lagos is “bigger” than Ghana.

Efya emphasized that Nigeria’s larger population gives its music industry an edge over the Ghanaian market. She made this known in a recent interview with City 105.1 FM, Lagos.

She argued against drawing direct comparisons between the two West African countries, suggesting instead that they should focus on collaboration.

In her words;

“Nigerian and Ghanaian music markets are not the same. Nigerians are way more than we are in terms of numbers. Numbers really matter now. The number of people that will stream Nigerian music in Nigeria is different from the number of people that will stream Ghanaian music in Ghana. The numbers are not the same.

“In the capacity of numbers, Lagos is bigger than Ghana. It is like the music hub itself. Nigerians are way bigger than we are. So, usually when I see people comparing, I’m like, ‘Do you guys know?’

“There shouldn’t be any comparisons. What I believe that we should is that we should be more collaborative. Find our vibes and put them together to advance what Afrobeats is going to be in the future; for us to be the gatekeepers of our own sound. And I think that’s the power move.”

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