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Investment One Pension Managers: Leading the Open Windows Race



Investment One Pension Managers: Leading the Open Windows Race


Since the National Pension Commission (PenCom) declared the transfer window opened, which allows Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders to switch from their current Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) to any of their choosing, there has been a flurry of activities in the pension fund management space.

Expectedly, RSA holders have already started making moves to transfer their RSAs to other PFAs. However, there seems to be more to this than just switching to any PFA because many RSAs are trooping to Investment One Pension Managers. Which further asks the question, why this particular PFA?

Overall, there are about 22 PFAs in Nigeria. But as expected, a few of them stand out. Prominent among these few is Investment One Pension Managers Ltd. It is important to note that between January and August 2020, leading into the harsh period of the Coronavirus pandemic, PFAs in Nigeria made impressive returns, with no negative returns.

The leading pension fund manager was one of the few PFAs on the elite list that generated the highest Returns on Investment (ROI) in three RSA funds for the past year:

  • In RSA Fund II, the default fund for RSA holders who are below 50 years old, Investment One Pension Managers Limited had 29.90% ROI.
  • In RSA Fund III, the default fund for unretired RSA holders who are 50 years and above, Investment One Pensions Managers Limited got 35.29% ROI.

And in RSA Fund IV, which is for the Retiree, all retired RSA holders are automatically moved to Fund IV. This time, Investment One Pension Managers got a 35.14% ROI.

This feat gives more credence to Investment One Pension Managers capacity and capability to manage contributors’ funds expertly and effectively.

Of course, anyone would pitch tents with a pension fund manager whose forte is being consistent in performance -exceeding the benchmark and standing out among its peers, trustworthy, guarantees excellent service delivery and superior returns on investment, which allows them to retire in grand style.

That is why Investment One Pension Managers activated its “Switch to the One” campaign to give others a better chance at a financially stable future.

For anyone interested in joining the happy tribe of RSA holders who are confident of living life after retirement exactly how they want it, Investment One Pension Managers is calling out to them to make that switch today.

Visit to start the journey into future financial independence.


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