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I’m Surprised I Didn’t Get 100% Votes In Anambra – Obi



I’m Surprised I Didn’t Get 100% Votes In Anambra – Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, said that he is surprised he didn’t get 100% votes in Anambra State.

The former state governor stated this while speaking in an interwiew on Arise TV on Monday.

He said,
“If you want to know whether I got 95% in Anambra State, come and go to Anambra state with me. I don’t need police.

“When I come out you will see the reactions of the people. Infact I’m actually surprised I didn’t get 100% in Anambra State because I don’t know who will be voting against me in Anambra State.

“In the South-East, it is a similar situation. People know me, people know what I stand for, and people know I have kept to my promises.

“It is a simple thing, its like people going about saying he got votes in Lagos because of the Igbos, how many Igbos live in Lagos? I got more votes from indigenes in Lagos than those you can call visitors.”

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