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I’m Still Trying To Shed My Ego – Wizkid Reveals On The Guardian Mag



I’m Still Trying To Shed My Ego – Wizkid Reveals On The Guardian Mag

Nigerian megastar and A-list Afrobeats ambassador, Wizkid, had a sitdown with journalist, Yomi Adegoke for The Guardian and spoke on his intended music legacy and current struggles with his ego.

The star who’d spoken about his view on different facets of life and his music-making process, had shared that like his forthcoming album, he still struggled with his ego. Wizkid said;

“Everyone fights with their ego and that’s where I’m at, I’m still trying to shed my ego, like everyone else.”

On music-making, Wizkid shared that he’s created countless albums, scrapping them till they felt right, “Make one, scrap it. Make another one, scrap it. Until I find the right one.” It must be an intense exercise. “It is, man. But I have a lot to say.” The singer also earlier professed; “I’m a very spiritual human being,” he says. “I know I make a lot of club records but I feel like a pastor, really.”

Wizkid also made some social commentary on the state of the Nigerian government and the coming elections, saying; “All these old men are going out of power this time. They need to go to an old people’s home and chill out.”

According to the story, Wizkid‘s forthcoming fifth studio album “More Love Less Ego” will be out on the 11th of November and not the 14th as reflected on his Apple Music profile.

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