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I Was Earning N15k, N30k As Salary In 2021 Before Fame – Brain Jotter Reveals



I Was Earning N15k, N30k As Salary In 2021 Before Fame – Brain Jotter Reveals

Nigerian skitmaker Brain Jotter has disclosed that prior to gaining fame, he faced significant challenges to make ends meet.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the comedian shared that he used to earn a monthly income of around N30,000 while working as a laundry man.

He mentioned that before 2021, his monthly earnings were even lower, at about N15,000.

The skit maker also revealed that he was juggling his laundry job with doughnut vending as a student.

Brain Jotter said things changed for the better with skit-making when he got to his third year in university.

“In 2020, my salary was N15k. In 2021, my salary was N30k. In 2020, I was like working in the laundry,” he said.

“And I just gained admission. And apart from working as a laundry, I was trying to do other stuff.

“In my school, I was selling beg bug killer, in UNILAG, yeah.

“In my first year, I sold doughnuts in my class. In year two, I sold bed bug killer. In year three, I drove to school.”

Brain Jotter began his career in the showbiz industry during his undergraduate days at the University of Lagos, where he studied Business Administration.

The 28-year-old started as a stand-up comedian but later diversified into online content-making.

With tons of followers across his social media pages, Brain Jotter remains a prominent figure among comedians in Nigeria.

Brain Jotter is also an alumnus of the Ghana National University.

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